About The Club

The Crown and Manor Club is a youth club for boys and young men. We are proud of a history that goes over 100 years providing a safe haven for boys and young men.

The Club is open to members between the ages of Seven and Twenty Five.

Run by a full time manager and fifteen part-time fully trained staff, overseen by a voluntary Executive Committee and a full Council, the Club aims to develop the knowledge of personal, social and health education and citizenship as part of our ethos and to develop appropriate attitudes in our members that make them aware of the impact of their decisions on others. We also help them to recognise different risks in different situations and how to behave in response to them.

We respect our members; the atmosphere within our Club is one that encourages all members to do their best. We provide opportunities that enable our members to take and make decisions for themselves.

Our aim:

To champion the quality of life of all our members, enabling freedom of choice, encouraging independence and involving family and friends.